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The Centre for Ecological Construction, Luomura ry

Luomura ry – The Centre for Ecological Construction, Association Luomura ry (est. 2001) was established to develop natural, ecological and healthy building and to give information about these themes.  Luomura started its activities in Helsinki and carried out different kinds of courses and trainings.  During this time was built the Ekoateljee – a workshop and studio for art students at Snellman College in Helsinki.  Straw insulation, clay plasters and hacked peat isolation were used in the building process of this atelier.  This was a challenging and outstanding project and its training part was EU-financed.  


Our Healthy House, TERVE TALO -magazine was founded in the year 2000 and is now published as a yearly publication. TERVE TALO  is a versatile information package for those who build, maintain and renovate sustainable buildings and want to live ecologically. The magazine has its own subscribers but it is also distributed at different exhibitions and seminars as well as to all municipalities in Finland and to all institutes with building training, so that the latest information concerning ecological building should reach as many key persons as possible.  Our network participants are widely experienced in these ecological themes. The society today needs knowledge about sustainable building and healthy, lasting structures in order to prevent contaminating harmfully our body and environment any more.

TERVE TALO -projects
Luomura has realised different projects promoting sustainable and ecological themes eg. with different municipalities in Tavastia-area. Our work consists of lectures, advice distribution, exhibitions, networking, publishing information on our homepage, as well as of presenting alternative building materials and methods. A truly interesting mission.

Developing model houses: During the last few years we have worked on a Healthy House concept, researching and promoting healthy, natural and ecological models and materials for homebuilders.A model house, Villa Marjala,  was built in Luopioinen. This house was planned using network co-operation and is being built by Mikko Tuononen, the executive manager of our association.


TERVE TALO -exhibitions
Luomura has seven times organised a national sustainable building exhibition. The Healthy House fairs in 2005 – 2011 were held in Luopioinen. At the fairs there have been about 100 exhibitors, a few thousand visitors, lectures, info stands and a meeting place for different specialists.  These fairs are a meeting point for ecologically thinking families, building professionals and other experts. The range of exhibitors is huge, from the largest enterprises in the world to tiny associations- colour and quality!


Luomura - Centre for Ecological Construction,